Saturday, September 03, 2005


Came across a link to a site called BritBlog that seems to be trying to get together a directory of Blogs written by Brits (how patriotic). Despite the absence of a woodworking catergory, the option on a flag of St Piran as a link to them sucked me in, so I've registered Alf Towers. Apparently silent watchers and/or grey guardians will then check that I am what I claim to be before letting me into the secret order of Brit Bloggers. Or something. The fact I've already put the link to their site to the right there (No, over there. On the right. In the border. Under the picture of the jointer. Well stop drooling at the jointer and look below. See it? Okay then). As I was saying, doing that has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that unseen judges will be looking at chez Alf before giving me the nod. Would I be so calculating? Well possibly... Any other patriotic woodworking bloggers out there who want to register? If Cornwall can get it's own flag link with only half a dozen or so Blogs actually in Cornwall, surely we don't need many woodworkers to get a woodworking catergory? ;~)

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