Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Making 10ft of oak do the work of 20...

Well despite having to sprint over the border and back on Saturday (playing Father Christmas to get Crimbo pressies to some of the family) I had quite a productive weekend. Got the Bench-on-bench finished, even down to a coat of BLO. I'm quite pleased with it, even if it does make the proper workbench top look a bit unloved now in comparison. Time will tell if I've got it right, or whether I'll have to do a certain amount of alteration, not to say rebuilding. Fingers crossed...

Pausing only to draw breath I've launched into something for Mum's birthday at the end of January. My long term reader may remember my idea - way back - to make oak planters for Crimbo pressies? Well that, obviously, came to nought, but I got to thinking that that's something my Mum would appreciate. So I resuscitated
the idea and spent a mind-numbingly boring morning (machine) planing and sawing all sort of lousy lengths of oak to size. No way would I have had enough for two, never mind two pairs. It's the rails that add up. I think I'll just be able to squeeze out one long one - and I haven't honestly checked to see if I'll have enough stuff for the sides. Oh well, living on the edge a bit, but it might be fun. But you can see why I'm trying to get on with it; at least this way I might have time to get some more oak if it turns out I am short!

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