Friday, July 28, 2006

Definitely not sure about thee...

Hah, get's better (see the post below) - all bar one of the replies so far has been "hand plane". Yay. The other one?

I take most of the material off with a large mortising bit in a 3hp router using a ramp jig. Then clean it up with a block plane and or sanders. Once made, the ramp jig can be used on straight or curved edges.

Oh deary me. But it gets better, the respondee signs himself off as (names altered to save embarrassment/being sued etc):

Joe Bloggs -ABC Handcrafted Woodworking

I hope to stop laughing by the time I blog next, but no guarantees...

But what else does my wandering gaze fall upon? The PWW Blog and one of the more hilarious lines of small (or should that be "fine") print available on a T-shirt or mug. Someone's going to be really not happy about that - while others are going to just love it.

Yep, Friday night is comedy night all right.


  1. I suppose if one is using a hand-held router, rather than affixed to the table, the hair splitters would call that handcrafted, Indeed.

    Also... I love a good rip, or play on words. Clever. Should get a chuckle from the Taunton folks... if their sense of humor is intact.... Imitation is the flattery, so is a good rib poking.

  2. Al
    The longer I work work wood the more I realize this simple truth. If you start out as a power tool lover over time you find that a hand tools will do things that you really can't do without half a dozen jigs and too much noise.
    It's the same with hand tool lovers-over time you realize that a powered saw and thickness planer is a lot more fun than sweat-filled hours of drudge.
    Using the best tool for the job (as it relates to you) is the smart approach. The chap with the bevel problem needs to open his eyes a little wider. Bless him ;)
    I love the t-shirt. I await Tauntons "witty" reply!

  3. So, Phil, another t-shirt option for your collection then? ;~)


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