Monday, April 02, 2007

That Touch of Blueberry

Ah, such excellent colours suggested, and what do I choose? "Blueberry Crush". And why? 'Cos it's the least anaemic colour amongst the pots of paint already skulling about in the garage, that's why. Laziness is sometimes a useful alternative to being decisive...

As it happens I already had the tin out for painting the Maxi-savaged experiment. I blame Doris Day for this one - in "That Touch of Mink" (with Cary Grant) there's that scene in an Automat where she's having an entire conversation through the drop-down doored boxes. At least I remember them as clear drop-down doors... Anyway, despite it being neither star's greatest film, it must have stuck in my mind. So I Automat-ed the #55.

Apologies for Polly there - she was waiting for me to stop mucking about with cameras and accompany her round the garden instead. The clear plastic front folds down to reveal the main body of the plane at the bottom...

...all being well, with room enough to store it in any possible configuration. Then at the top we have pull-out trays. One for the various add-ons and the manual:

And one for all the blades. The widest of which had to be stored on their backs if the tray's weren't to need too much height.

In theory it should be that much easier to grab the plane and use it than if it was stored in the traditional style of box, but we shall see. At any rate at least it's an improvement over the cigar and cardboard box combination it's been housed in up 'til now.


  1. That's a very nifty box, Alf - I like that. Nice cat as well.


    Paul Chapman

  2. Very posh, puts the box my Lewin is in to shame.
    A cat called Polly? I have a friend with a cat called Dog. 8-)


  3. Alf, that's a wonderful collection of plane blades gorgeously presented in a tray. Love the other french fitted tray too. You will grab after the boat anchor more often, I'm sure, but setting up is another brake. Curious to see how you'll solve that :-)


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