Friday, September 07, 2007


Names were duly put in the hat this morning and copies of the LV catalogue are winging their way to MikeR and Phil-with-the-good-surname-for-a-woodworker :) Enjoy, chaps, and don't tell the loves of your lives who sent it, d'ya hear? Lucky I had the forethought to not put on a sender's address...

And congrats also to Ian and Mike for guessing coachbuilder. The gentleman selling them said wheelwright, but there really isn't much evidence for that while coachbuilding tools abound. For instance, did you ever see a firmer chisel with a blade 3/8" thick? Surely making it qualify for the definition of a Coachmaker's chisel - "An extra strong Firmer Chisel".

As is my wont I asked the history of the tools, only to discover that the seller had been asked by a work colleague to take them to the dump as they were being cleared out of the colleague's late grandfather's house. Bless him, he asked "can I keep them?" and did so for some years even to the extent of bringing them down from Sussex to Cornwall when they moved a couple of years ago. So really this should have been a catch for some lucky Sussex dwelling person... Anyway, space was a problem and voila, now space is a problem for me instead. Not a single metal plane or spokeshave amongst the lot btw, which is fairly unusual in my general tool-buying habits, but a few familiar names nevertheless.

Oh, and for those of you who like irony and were with me through the drama that was Building the Welsh Stick Chair last year, guess what I found amongst the boring tools? Would you believe an auger bit extension? No, I didn't believe it either...

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  1. Public thanks Alf. But with no return address how can I repay your generosity?

    Would that be the Welsh Stick chair whose write-up we still eagerly await?

    Phil (with the surname)


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