Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Attack them with spoons

You want cross grain shavings - I can give you cross grain shavings. Must admit the plane isn't actually in this shot though; but it is in yesterday's, honest.

It's no good, they're just not as much fun as the long grain ones.

Now you're wondering what that has to do with the post title, aren't you? Well okay, so you're not, but you might have been. The answer is nothing, I just love the phrase. I was reading the reaction to the pilot for the US remake of Life On Mars that's currently floating about on the surface of the interweb and that's what someone said: "it made me want to attack them with spoons". Don't look like that; it made me laugh. The pilot, however, did not. I never got as far as deciding what cutlery to use, opting instead to fall into a coma of my very own. 'nuff said.


  1. That was fast. Thanks for the cross grain pic. I only asked because you did say it's a skew plan.

    Best regards

  2. Those shavings look suspiciously like the Shirley Temple has nickers. So......does she or doesn't she?

  3. Shirley Temple's nickers? Look, this just isn't that sort of blog... ;-)

  4. I was sure the title was from Monty Python, but google has let me down :-(

    Nice shavings though!

  5. Sooooo.... ;-) ...... she does have nickers!
    Thought sooo!!!
    When will we see a review Alf?
    I am really looking forward to your impressions.


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