Friday, January 02, 2009

Strings attached

Well Happy New Year woodworking folk! My only resolution was not to make any - thus breaking it by its very existence. Might as well get it over and done with, eh?

Whilst idly looking for something else, I ran across this photo from 1925:

Quote: Mr Glenister, who runs a tobacconist shop but makes violins as a hobby, at work on a violin.

Have fun playing 'spot the tool'. Nice shot of a means to counteract the racking in a front vice too. Shop-bought workbench I wondered? Anyway, makes a change to see a pic of an acknowledged amateur I thought, although it looks as staged as any other. Except perhaps the clutter on the bench top is all too genuine...


  1. A great photo! Thanks for sharing it.


  2. Happy New Year to you too, Alf.

    Cheers ;-)

    Paul Chapman

  3. Could that be a Mathieson plane, on its side on the bench, do you think? Glad to see someone else wears a three piece suit with a hard collar and tie in the workshop, not just me.

    Happy New Year, Alf.



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