Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What d'you mean "plot"?

Yes, I've been guilty of getting distracted from the raison d'etre of watching a DVD by something in the background again. This time it's a rather effective waney-edged board as a bed head. The trouble is I find myself plagued by wanting to identify the wood, 'cos I feel like I should know. Never a skill I possess at the best of times, it must be said, but from a shot from a 64th-hand copy of an old telly drama? Nevertheless, in the hopes that one of your geniuses will know the answer, see what you make of it:

And the first person to say they'll make a coffee table of it gets a well-deserved groan...


  1. My starter for 10 is Yew

  2. Not sure about the head board, but got into trouble for commenting on the lack of quality in the woodwork on the wall behind the seats, last night.

  3. My first thought was, Could be almost anything. Closely followed by walnut. Repeat.

    What was the TV show, Alf? Narrowing it down to a continent might help.

  4. Hmm, my first thought was Yew - but then I thought the sapwood would be noticeable?

    Dave, been there - get told off about it. A lot.

    And good point Pete - 'twas in London, England c.1997

  5. Well, I also reckon it's Yew. If not, it's something so exotic that I don't know it's name!


  6. My guess is Mertyl from Tasmenia, the color, if didn't get change, the grain and also the figure!!
    but only a guess! I think if the borad is tick anough, I would get it resawn and maybe make the center parts of what we call here in Canada, "french doors".

  7. Hi,

    Foolish as it may seem I thought first of Yew, but am now thinking of a fir tree, a Sequioa (of some sort) possibly. This has then been drowned in varnish!


  8. Watt A. Dumkopf-Hedd5/06/2009 06:44:00 am

    Months too late with this comment probably, but considering that you came across this in a movie, and movies are made in Hollywood, which is where California is (if in doubt see, and the wood appears a bit pink, which most of California does too, and Californians go for great big thick slabs of... well, most everything from tofu to coffee tables, and those waney edges are pretty gnarly looking...

    Redwood, redwood, redwood!



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