Thursday, August 05, 2010

Square-eyed woodworker No.4

In our occasional series of "Never mind the plot, what's that tool there?" I give an unexpected sighting in the new BBC series Sherlock (episode two, The Blind Banker).

Yes, a cameo role for Axminster's very own - an old APTC ADE1100, if I'm any judge. Lacking waste sack and any sort of hose. Think that's a Dremel on the table as well, but they get everywhere. Anyway, I don't know enough about the restoration of antiquities in museums to really comment on this, but surely a HVLP extractor is all wrong? Wouldn't a fine dust extractor such as the one in the background make more sense?

Of course, plotwise, I was probably supposed to have been spotting the entirely un-tool-related item on the table behind him in the next shot. But a woodworker has their priorities...

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