Thursday, September 09, 2010

Nothing like a good book

As a woodworker returns to the blog, so does an annual tradition. Let the time-honoured announcement commence:

Three copies of the new Lee Valley catalogue have arrived upon my doorstep. Oooo, I hear you cry. Oooo, indeed. Online versions are all very well, but nothing beats the opportunity to put a big red circle round your heart's desire and leave it lying around in an prominent position in plenty of time for Christmas... Anyhow, being as how nature has provided me with only one pair of eyes, that leaves two copies up for grabs. Same routine as before - indeed I intend to copy 'n' paste the required, slightly edited, text:

For a copy of the Lee Valley & Veritas September 2010 catalogue to your door, (UK mainland - sorry overseas folks) free, gratis and for nothing, get an email into my inbox (website AT cornishworkshop DOT co DOT uk) with "Drool" in the subject line and plenty of grovelling in the body of the text ;) and I'll draw two lucky recipients from the hat. Entries close at midnight on Monday.


  1. My copy was delivered to my door here in Canada on Friday. I always look forward to September just because of the Lee Valley Catalogue! Does Rob send you the catalogue with U.S. dollar prices or Canadian dollar prices? I'm just curious.

  2. US dollar, Rick. 'Tis the International customer's lot in life :)

  3. Luckily I now have a LV store just up the road...they know me by name when I show up (yes, I spend far too much time and money there). It is reminiscent of an episode of that now defunct TV show "Cheers" with everyone saying "Norm!"...only it's "John".

    Alf, I just discovered your site off of Matt's Basement Workshop and I must say I am impressed. Good on you.


    (aka Johnny_Vee in Victoria, BC)


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