Wednesday, September 07, 2011

September Gives Away

Dunno about you, gentle reader, but there's been a definite autumnal (or fall) vibe about the place already. You know how sometimes summer drags its heels and you're surprised that it's September already? Well this year, around here at least, the world hung up its metaphorical flip-flops and started to wonder where it had put its boots and gloves pretty much as soon as the last weekend of August was done. Slightly depressing, to be honest. But it's not all doom and gloom, for the arrival of September also heralds this time-honoured announcement:

Once again, three copies of the new Lee Valley catalogue have arrived upon my doorstep. Oooo, I hear you cry. Oooo indeed, for before even hitting the desirable content, its cover alone is a positive festival of Hand Drill Gorgeousness which, naturally, appeals to me very greatly. So much, in fact, that I felt obliged to provide a much bigger screencap of same than usual, just so we could all have a drool together. Off you go - I'll wait.

Okay? Done? Right. The gizmo in the centre's pretty darn extraordinary, innit?

Anyway, online versions are all very well, but nothing beats the opportunity to put a big red circle round your heart's desire and leave it lying around in an prominent position in plenty of time for Christmas... So, being as how nature has provided me with only one pair of eyes, that leaves two copies up for grabs. Only just, mind you, as I was tempted to remove the cover from one copy and frame it... Anyway, same routine as before - indeed I intend to copy 'n' paste the required, slightly edited, text.

For a copy of the Lee Valley & Veritas September 2011 catalogue to your door, (UK mainland only - sorry overseas folks) free, gratis and for nothing, get an email into my inbox (website AT cornishworkshop DOT co DOT uk) with "Drool" in the subject line and plenty of grovelling in the body of the text ;) and I'll draw two lucky recipients from the hat. Entries close at midnight on Sunday (11th)


  1. Rob and his team always do excellent covers, but that one is even better than usual.

    Cheers ;-)

    Paul Chapman

  2. Droooooolll....
    Your enthusiasm at the sight of a few exotic hand drills is something to behold Alf, I trust in my cordless drill any day because I'm just new fangled like that. Anyways, do you remember the cover from April 2008 with the fish decoys on it? I actually have that framed in my shop, I loved that cover so much when it came out. I'm a huge fan of LV products and customer service.

  3. The cover is a work of art, most def. My granddad used to call this tool a "wheel brace", which has a nice old fashioned ring to it. I wonder if they all came from Rob's personal collection or are they a photomontage of archive shots, I wonder?


  4. Ah, I love the term "wheel brace" too, but am always forgetting to use it. D'oh!

    I assume they use the Lee Valley Collection for the tool covers (if you've got it, flaunt it!) There's an article on the making of a cover in the LV newsletter here, which is something of an eye-opener as to how much work goes into them.

  5. DROOL

    Just for a short while I am living in Engerland again, honest.
    You would be surprised how deprived we are over the otherside of La Manche of decent tool stores. I even have to shop in Germany and that really irks.
    I know Dick's catalogue is good but I have yet to hear of anyone posting one of his covers on their workshop wall.
    Please do a poor expat a favour and brighten up his life (not to mention his workshop).



  6. *cough*Email, gentlemen. Email.*cough*


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