Thursday, September 20, 2012

At last!

Sale flyer from a well-known purveyor of Chinese knock-offs flopped onto the doormat this morning. I'm ordering one of the Deluxe Pen Turning Kits asap -

"Contains Everything You Need to Make Beautiful Pens"

At last, they must have worked out how to include skill and w'shop time in the box as well...

Oh, if only that were so. I'll take a Bumper Pack of Workshop Hours and a sampler pack of Mortising Skill to try out, next day delivery, please and thank you.


  1. Ooh! Do they ship to the USA? I badly need some shop time.

  2. Dear neoshed,
    Thank you for your order. Your account has been billed the appropriate amount.
    Unfortunately due circumstances beyond our control we are unable to adjust the package to your requirements. International trade agreements limit the type and quantity of products we may ship overseas. While the conventional wisdom is that there is only one time zone in China, really China sits across 5 of the outside worlds time zones. To accommodate this dichotomy, the standard pack contains Chinese shop hours. Each Chinese shop hour lasts 10 minutes.
    We are shipping the standard 4 hour pack of shop time by parcel post on the first available slow boat.
    Executive VP
    International Sales.


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