Friday, June 28, 2013

Fifteen Minute Wotsit

Shock happenings chez Alf. By dint of "dawdling" over cleaning the lawnmower, fifteen minutes was snatched in the w'shop. *gasp!* So having looked the seven hundred things I should be doing in there firmly in the eye, I turned my back on them all and made a wotsit.

Answers on a postcard - or rather in the comments box. I suspect the astute reader will have it pegged in about two seconds flat, but if not, answer will cometh this way next week.


  1. Since it is on your desk, and given the shape, I'm going to go with "postage stamp holder". I know it's a bit archaic, what with people paying their bills on-line these days and not using the old fashioned postal service, but... I suppose there are still people out there who use it? Or like the novelty? ;)

    I do love English beech, btw. Beautiful wood. I have a tote en process in said wood, a bit from Phil Edwards' private stock. Excited to see what it looks like in the end!


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