Monday, September 09, 2013

Used Tools

Wandered over to the Lost Art Press blog for the first time in ages this morning. Is it April again? Or is The Schwarz genuine in his disappointment that his tools look used when he's been using them? Crivens. Wish my tools were showing signs of use...

Also, pliers to tighten fences and depth stops? Radical. Not at all mentioned by anyone before (and plenty of others too) and endlessly on various fora - with the added obvious caveat to pad the jaws, stoopid.

An alternative, if you don't mind tweaking your tools to suit your convenience, is to drill small holes to take a nail/tommy bar. Rather like the tightening method for putting some fence rods into the body of certain planes. Like a Stanley #78, f'rinstance. The danger with that system is you can easily apply too much welly and break something - hence my advice at the above link to go with small pliers.

But first, wipe off the wax, scuff up the bars a little, maybe try a little rosin. And for the love of Norm, check on your technique. Of all the combis and ploughs/plows I've had, only one has actually needed pliers to keep it set in normal conditions.

Anyway. Love The Schwarz madly, but really, he does come up with some daft stuff sometimes.


  1. The second post was entirely in jest. Read the comments...

    1. Cripes, I don't read the comments, Chris. There are scary people in there. Well there are scary people in here too - but they're mainly me, and I'm used to that particular nutcase...

  2. Prediciton....due to a howl of Scharzbotian protest, LV will change the collets from knurled to hex-head, with the option of purchasing a special bubinga handled tightening wrench.

  3. I was surprised to learn that Veritas hadn't improved on Stanley and made pliers superfluous, so thanks for mentioning your experience about Stanley.

  4. I've never had a problem with thumbscrew lock slippage on my Stanley #45 or #46, but there's one in the body that definitely requires a screwdriver. This is the genius of Stanley's fence design, as it's almost impossible to slide the blasted thing anyway due to racking, even when the screws are backed off!


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