Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Stinks #10

Ah, rare sightings - the sun shining. Oh, and me on a blog...

Astute observers might notice that I'm currently exhibiting the nib equivalent of going from an advocate of block planes to wielding multiple number 7s and 8s. Broads, forsooth? What manner of madness is this? No extra-fines? I know, I know. They warn you it will happen - the increasing desire for a broad and juicy line - but I never thought it would happen to me.

Anyway, take heart, gentle reader; there may still be a regrettable shortage of sawdust, but the tool adjustment addiction is alive and well. This small sample includes three nibs in the wrong pens, two re-ground, one DIY filling system and two ink mixes. Verily, you can take the lunatic out of the w'shop...


  1. Hi Alf,
    have you a source for the japanese franken pens?

  2. Hey Ralph - as far as I know it's only a DIY option. Japanese firms do not seem big fans of selling their nibs without their pens, which is understandable if inconvenient. The popular starter path is swapping between the line of excellent nibs found in the 78G, Kakuno, MR/Metropolitan/Cocoon, Penmanship, Prera, Plumix, Pluminix range of cheaper Pilot pens. That can get you interchangeable nibs from extra-fine through to italics in a wide range of pen styles. This will give the idea. Mind you, it's a bit like Pringles - once you pop out one nib, it's hard to stop!


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