Monday, November 08, 2004

Everybody's got to start somewhere

So, my first post in my first "Blog". Tsk, what an inelegant word that is. Heigh ho, par for the course I suppose. After all, how many newly minted words can be considered elegant?


Anyway, starting a Blog seems to be a hitherto unknown side effect of large attachments in your email. I waiting for my damp-string connection to download same and so was killing time. I've just recently started to use Firefox in lieu of the ubiquitous IE, and in amongst the bookmarks was a link to this place. I'm too easily hooked on these things :~S Too bad I can't get the knack of hand-cut dovetails as easily eh? So here I am, and I'm still waiting for the attachment to download... Even if I could convince TPTB that Broadband was a Good Thing, there's no guarantee it'll work here anyway. In this great technological age a BT man has to come and physically check to see if we're one of the fortunate few. I mean honestly. And yes, I'm still waiting for the download. Oh well, I suppose I could go and devote a little effort to my profile for this thing.

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