Thursday, November 25, 2004

Well I didn't think I could make a matching pair of candlesticks...

... and I can't. Or rather I can't even make a matching pair of bases - the easiest bit. Dammit. Then to add to my happiness I went to pick up the leather chisel roll with those chisels in, and it felt suspciously damp to the touch. Fearfully I opened it up, and yep, the chisels are starting to get a light dusting of rust. Damn and blast. I cleaned it off, but how in hell am I going to stop it happening again? I've brought the chisels in for the moment, and the roll in an effort to dry it out. Camelia oil seems conspicuously useless from previous experience, paste wax which usually works failed this time. I dunno; store them in a jar of oil all the time maybe? Very practical...

Oh well, at least I've got the first review up now. I'll probably log on to post this and
the way today's going find an irate email from DC and general lack of response from the forum. Sigh.

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