Thursday, February 17, 2005

Shall we have...?

Note to self: Self, don't ask people what they want, just make what the heck you damn well like and they'll be suitably impressed anyway 'cos people are like that.

Alas, too late. I asked the dreaded question of my folks; what would you like for your Golden Wedding anniversary? This is in August btw, so I should probably have been thinking a bit further ahead than this. It's not like there hasn't been 50 years warning... I tentatively suggested a pair of side tables for the living room and showed a few examples. Mmm, maybe. But could they have that beading there, but not those legs and they need to be oblong not square and... Urgh. So here I am thinking of a few options when I let mum see a Barnsley desk in F&C. Ooo, says she, I like that. Suddenly she wants a desk while the old man is still thinking side tables. Meanwhile I'm thinking "hey folks, I need to get on and order the timber!" Oi vey. Probably my best hope is they're both still hale and hearty for their Diamond...

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