Thursday, June 30, 2005

Do mistakes always happen?

I admit it; I've got woodworker's block again. The next step is to taper the legs of those small, but pesky side tables, and I'm putting it off. I don't know why really; how hard can it be? But nevertheless, there it is - blockage. Ho-hum. Maybe at the weekend I'll suddenly feel moved to get on with it? Also I need to work out my plan of attack vis-a-vis buttons to hold the tops on. It's been ages since I've done them. Truth is there's all too many things in this apparently simple project that I either have never done (tapered legs, basic stretcher into square leg stuff - would you believe it? It's true though, it's never come up before) or haven't done for a long time, like the buttons. That's the trouble with a project strike rate slightly slower than a sloth in thick treacle... It's also worrying me that - so far - there hasn't been a mistake. Yes, I cut the tenon upside down and fence of the Lewin wandered away while I was beading, but it all happened on the test pieces, which is what they're there for. So at some point there's bound to be a cock-up, and the longer it goes before that happens, the greater a disaster it has the potential to be. Unless... No, it's not likely. But, well, maybe this is the big breakthrough moment when the amount of woodworking I get right first time outweighs all the stuff that, well, wasn't...


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  1. HI Alf,

    I always enjoy reading through your blog from time to time.

    I don't know when you will--or if you have actually--attacked the legs yet. I was wondering how you plan on going about it?

    For myself, I usually mark off the top and bottom of the cuts (usually just taper the inside faces) on the legs, snap a chalkline, cut to the outside of the line with the bandsaw then plane to the middle of the line.

    Quick and usually painless--certainly slow enough that nothing ever has gone wrong.

    Have fun!


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