Friday, July 01, 2005

Leggin' it

Yes, it's an unnecessarily thin shaving. I'm not addicted. I can stop any time I like. Call it a minor gloat of triumph, for I have faced the demon that is tapering and I have overcome it. Huzzah! Well I decided I didn't want the whole weekend blighted with anxiety while I put off the fatal moment, so I got it done today instead. I can now safely say I don't much care for tapering jigs. In hindsight I could have done just as well cutting to the line, which I had to draw anyway in order to see where to plane to. (Alas, I didn't see Mike's comment in time!) But that's one more step closer with no apparent disasters. I tell you, it's starting to get spooky...

Did I mention about the falling through of the first diamond paste order? Well I ended up ordering from two different places instead, and the first half arrived today. Man, those syringes look like they contain shots for a horse... I won't tell you how long it took me to work out how to get the stuff out of the damn thing, but no, you don't just press the plunger. Oi vey, what have I let myself in for?


  1. Hmmmmm....
    Nice curlies!! So you like the BUS, then???
    Almost placed an order for one today but (just) managed not to. Will wait til Yandles in September. See, I am strong......
    Good to see the tables coming along-glued the tops up yet??
    Be interested to see how you get on with the diamond paste-I have a leather strop charged with rouge of some kind (Mike from Cliftons gave it too me) A final few wipes over this gives a great edge. But I worry the leather will round the edge over.

  2. I think we can safely say I've warmed to the BUS, yes... September's an awfully long way away, Phil; sure you can be strong for two whole months? ;~) Oh, and the tops are still a "top" singular at the moment, but one of the next steps is to divide it and so forth. As for strops, I'm a bit doubtful about them unless you're a carver. I have used some stropping paste I got free with my DMT and Autosol polish, both on MDF, before now though, and the result wasn't bad. But overkill for most tasks IMO.

  3. Ah, so good you've moved on! But hey, Alf and Philly, doesn't seem that the anxiety increases sometimes directly proportional to how little left there is to do on a project?

    Anyway, seems like it to me. Maybe it's because the mind just knows how far the project's come along and what it would take to redo something? Don't know.

    But maybe this anxiety is what we use to think a bit clearer, more deliberate?

    The tables look good Alf.

    p.s., have fun with the colored mud...

  4. "anxiety increases sometimes directly proportional to how little left there is to do on a project"

    I think you've hit it on the head, Mike. Finger's crossed you're right about it getting one to think clearly too...

    Coloured mud? I think you're confusing it with waterstones... :~P


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