Monday, June 19, 2006

Temptation Update

Nearer temptation, but on the Hong Kong stylee planes. Word has come back from Rutlands (Dear Mr Frampton ) and the bench planes are indeed pitched at 60°. Mmmm, so they are the ones that so many folks have enthused about then.... The plough plane, btw, has one 6mm iron - heck of an inexpensive way to solve the budding neander's ploughing requirement, 'cos you can do plenty with a 1/4" cutter. Assuming it works, of course.

As far as the Anants and the A39 rabbet-that's-really-a-dado is concerned I remembered a thread about them there'd been a while back on WoodCentral that reminded why I thought they only did the 1/2" size. Checking the Anant site again, that's still all they do. Tempting, tempting, tempting...

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