Thursday, August 10, 2006

Can you handle it?

By general consensus it's tomorrow apparently. I dunno, maybe in the Antipodes it's already yesterday? Anyway, despite the fact that I had in mind more like some time this evening, as promised (I'm a blogist of my word), some 'andles.

They're only a "set" in very general terms. Not only are the blades by different makers and the woods used different, but my turning inability is always going to make each one an individual... As I boringly told you back in June, I was unduly influenced by the article here - I'm just not a good enough turner to do it full justice. However, they're good enough for me, which was the point of doing it, and will annoy anyone who extols the virtues of workaday tools and can't see the point of having fancy tools. But that's just a bonus...

Clockwise, from "noon"; Rosewood (dalbergia latifolia); Satinwood (chloroxylon swietenia); Pau Amarello (euxlophora parensis); Imbuya (phoebe porosa); Muhuhu (brachylaena hutchinsii); Padauk (pterocarpus soyauxii); Imbuya; Rosewood; Bubinga (guibourtia demeusei); Pau Amarello; Satinwood; Muhuhu, Bubinga and Padauk. The pattern is London Pattern Octagonal - the round butt end being the main feature of the London pattern over the regular octagonal.

The whole gamut of my rehandled user chisels here. As already mentioned, the Socket bevel chisels are Anjan (hardwickia binata) while the others are all Boxwood (buxus sempervirens).

Hmm, maybe I should sell my L-Ns...?


  1. WOW, Alf, they look beautiful. It was well worth the wait. Maybe my plastic handles aren't good enough after all.........

    Paul Chapman

  2. How much are the L-Ns up for then?
    Very nice looking handles. Did the spellchecker work on on those wood names?
    I know you have done plane handles. Will you be doing saw handles next? or did I miss them?


  3. Alf, in your rush to keep us blog readers happy, were you able to take any wip pictures? I (and I am certain many others) would really love to see a blow by blow account of how you did the re-handling.

    Paul Chapman

  4. Mike Wenzloff (MikeW)8/10/2006 04:10:00 pm

    Georgous, Alf, simply gorgeous.

    What a nice way to start my day--it's downright inspirational!

    Except now I have this urge to make some London pattern handles instead of what I need to do...

    Take care, Mike

  5. Now would I have built up all that suspense for nothing, gentlemen?

    Andy, well I only said "should I?" about the LNs. It'd have to be fairly close to new price 'cos they're barely touched. The spell checker is equally untouched - I'm relying on the Axminster catalogue, which may be a big mistake... Saw handles, yep, done them too. Did a pistol grip for a Japanese saw yonks ago, and a closed one for a backsaw just recently here.

    Paul, I started WIP pics but getting the job done got in the way and I let it slide. However I've got a few more to do it seems, so I'll see what I can do.

    Thank you, folks; as it was done purely for the Wow factor, your comments are very welcome :~)

  6. Wow! Great work, Al!
    And love the black shiny background-you sure this isn't for a forthcoming tool catologue? ;)
    I am dazzled-well done!

  7. That picture of the chisel handles arranged in a circle is so nice, Alf, that I reckon if you had a good quality print of it made it would look lovely hanging on your wall. Just a thought.

    Paul Chapman

  8. NICE...

    I find myself having the urge to say Muhuhu as much as possible now... (already warned the missus)

  9. Just gorgeous! I wasn't a fan of London pattern handles until I saw these. Kudos yet again.

  10. I thought it was just me that did the Muhuhu thing...

  11. You can leave this for the WIP ig you like, but how did you put the flats on the handles?


  12. Now there are many ways I could interpret that question but I'll go for the toolaholic's answer: with the Mujifang high angle mini smoother.

    Bet that's not what you meant...


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