Monday, October 23, 2006


Now despite my uncharacteristic rash of bloggin' over the weekend and this wholly inaccurate rumour that I'm building a boat (although it is raining an awful lot, so maybe not such a bad idea...), most of the last three days have actually been spent asleep. No, I'm not a student and it's not my usual habit to kip about 20 hours out of every 24, so I swiftly deduce that perhaps that cold is a bit of a sly blighter and has knocked back our heroine rather more than she thought. And of course if helpfully explains the "dunnos" too - nothing like feeling off colour to give you a nasty case of navel gazing, I find. In which case, just as soon as I stop feeling like Wile E Coyote after a strenuous couple of hours chasing the Roadrunner with an Acme anvil tied to each leg, I'll be into the workshop like a young gazelle.

Well, into the workshop anyway...

Which is a cheering thought and lots better than ill-defined "dunnos", although I dunno why... (ho, ho) So in the meantime, if you could just keep the noise down? Ta. Cup of tea about 7am if you would? Cheers. Dammit, this pillow's lumpy though. Headboard's not bad though, eh? Poplar; load of 3ft lengths of 2x2 cunningly wrought into a functional albeit unshowy piece. Got some beading on it, naturally.

D'you know, I think I might be feeling better?


  1. Take it easy and put your feet up! That Mojo will soon be back....

  2. I suppose there's only one answer to that - "Yeah, baby" ;)

  3. "I didn't realize it was your turn".....
    No, better stop the Austin Powers nonsense right now. ;)


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