Monday, June 25, 2007

Return journey

If you were hoping of tales of pillage in the southeast, you're all out of luck. Didn't do a blessed thing while in Kent, not even a trip to Timberline. Boo hiss. Possibly as a balm to their consciences, TPTBs decreed a detour on the return journey via Ashington and the home of G and M Tools. I didn't have much hope, bearing in mind they're not unnoticable prices on their site (plus VAT), and so it came to pass. Quite nice to get an eyeful of this'n'that but with my Tool Shop Block plus the Scottish ancestry kicking in, strictly window shopping only for this galoot. There was one user-made woodie I was tempted by, simply because of the way it had been made using double T&G to increase the gluing area for the buit-up design, but not tempted enough. Best buy for anyone looking for one was the box of Yankee screwdrivers at a quid a piece - plus VAT of course...

So I returned to Salisbury for a one night stop-off with no actual woodwork for the blog. Disaster! The room wasn't ready yet, so I hauled my sorry self up to Pennyfarthing again and had another look, in case I could break this terrible block. Yeah, that's what it was - therapy. Nope, still didn't work. Heck they even had a push drill, a tool I've long desired, and I couldn't bring myself to buy it. I can only conclude the tools are just incidental; it's the hunt I really do this for. Oh dear...

Anyway, it wasn't until coming out from breakfast in the hotel that I finally spotted something that demanded the camera, at the top of some stairs that sort of said "keep off" without actually saying as much... Worth the risk then. So I hared off for it and swiftly climbed the stairs trying to look as though I was meant to be there. In that respect I think the posh-looking camera helps a good deal - makes the uninitiated think you might be a "pro" actually employed to be where you're not supposed to be. But I digress. What caught my eye was this:

Gotta love these plain door designs, haven't you?

Somewhat to my surprise I turned round, still just at the top of the stairs, and saw these:

Couldn't dwell over them to work out just how many of them were dodgy repros (well obviously the tables are - we were eating our Full English of their brothers downstairs in the dining room not ten minutes before) because just then someone came up the stairs and gave me A Look. A hasty retreat was beaten before Questions Were Asked, but at least I'd found something. Not exactly my taste though, must admit.

Thus we wound our way westward again and came back here to the ends of the earth once more. Even now I still haven't caught myself up enough to have got back into the workshop. Not sure I'm really cut out for travel...


  1. Glad I didn't have to hang that door - looks like it might weigh a bit!!


    Paul Chapman

  2. Hi Alf,

    A bit late in the day, but your link to G&M Tools was a new one on me. After a rummage around I came across this page, which struck me as potentially useful and prices are not too bad.


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