Saturday, June 30, 2007

Small deeds

I was flicking through the telly channels the other day (I forget why - pretty much all television goes in one ear and out the other these days, just like it was intended...) and my channel hopping progress was halted by an old black and white film, and some old fellow reading something aloud that positively leapt out of the screen at me.

Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.

Blimey. So simple, yet so true. I was so struck by them that I actually took the trouble to find out who wrote them - a gentleman called Peter Marshall, former US Senate chaplin - and discovered I wasn't the first to have had this screen-to-brain moment either. In fact I'm feeling like I'm the last person to have come across this guy, but better late than never I s'pose!

I confess I don't "do religion", but I do, however, "do woodworking" and as a sentiment it certainly struck me as relevant. How many times have I had a Grand Plan only to never realise it (can you say tambour doors?) - and while prevaricating over it, waste all that time I could have spent doing something more modest, aka small deeds (can you say 300 chisels needing new handles, f'rinstance?) Now I'd like to say I've immediately put this sage advice into practice and numerous small tasks have been crossed off the lengthy to-do list. Well they would have, if I'd been in the workshop, but I haven't. But I will and one of the first tasks will be sticking those words on the workshop wall, to keep reminding me.

Not being in the w'shop has been additionally taxing, given that I've taken delivery of some chisels that are singing their siren song behind me as I type. Yes, yes, all right, like I need any more chisels, but these are a bit of an experiment. I'm going to try going a little 18thC, chisel-wise, and see how things go. I have a dream, that some day research woodworking is going to be a respected branch of the craft and the benefits not measured in number of projects made but information gained. That's what I keep hoping, anyway...

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  1. Tambour Doors.

    Yes, I can. :-D

    Doctor Alf? Professor Alf? It has a certain ring to it. Good luck with the research. Of course, all the research students I have ever come across (and there have been many) have overrun terribly, so you should fit in well.

    Duckin' and runnin'



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