Tuesday, August 21, 2007


This last weekend I Had a Plan. I was going to Rediscover the Top of the Workbench; i.e. tidy up a bit. Maybe even get a little daring and consider covering it over again with a view to having a go at the dozen or so tools begging to be cleaned and sharpened. I looked at The Plan and it was Good. As plans go I thought it had some charm, not too demanding and with many practical benefits. Not A Plan to discard lightly.

At some point I may even implement it...

Yep, still no workshop time; August is flying away as fast as July, and with just as little to show for it. Usually I'd at least have some theoretical woodworking to muse over, but nope, I am a hollow vessel. Picked up a succession of woodworking classics in the hopes of inspiration, but everything from "Planecraft" to "Modern Practical Joinery" fell from my hand after barely a glance. A very recent generous gift sees me with a copy of the Shire Album "Welsh Country Furniture" to peruse, and even that I can't settle to. 'Tis plaguing in the extreme to be quite so feckless at the moment. Bear with me - I'll snap out of it eventually, honest.

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  1. Hi Alf,

    Sometimes I get a case of 'indoor-itis'. When that happens, two things that I really like are (1) digging and preparing a new bed for planting, and edging it with something--something about the way the newly turned dirt looks and smells, plus I really like shovels; and (2) gates. Like garden gates. Doesn't have to be a fancy moon gate. A gate that swings well and latches well is fun to close behind you, but it's also satisfying to go through it to survey what lies beyond (the back of your yard, maybe).

    Another thing that's inspirational is ceylon satinwood, with beeswing figure. What's your favorite wood, Alf?



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