Saturday, March 01, 2008

Drive-In Saturday

You know how I periodically rail at the uselessness of the Honda "Jazz" motorcar for the purposes of transporting timber? Would you believe The Management (Transport Division) have just gone and bought their third in a row? Not just the same model, but virtually indistinguishable - it's the same darn colour and everything! It's like "spot the difference" - this time there are reversing/parking sensors, but other than that (and the lack of mud) there's not a thing changed.

Anyway, given The Patient is hors de combat, I went in with the Old Man to swap the old one for the virtually-identical new one this morning. The salesman (virtually a family friend now!) spent most of the time saying "there's no point in telling you how that works, because you know" and variations on the theme. Never was new car buying less exciting, as far as I'm concerned.

Seemed to cheer up the OM though, which is no mean feat in recent weeks, so maybe it was worth it.


  1. Why not fit roof bars to the Jazz? They should help with the timber transport problem.
    John (WS)

  2. Alf

    At least in Oz, the Honda Jazz has the option of being fitted with a roof rack. I know that this is not as good as carrying timber inside the cabin, but it's bet6ter than not having wood (or having to pay for transport!!)



  3. Alf, I like your old man. Every third year I get the same new truck. Same color (black) unless they don't have one on the lot when the lease ends up. I don't like model changes, and generally never use auto equipment that requires I learn something new.
    I hate when the wiper switch moves, or the radio changes (my daughter likes the ipod connection), or the steering wheel changes the radio station, a cd flys out of the dash or the music mutes and there is suddenly a god like voice from a dozen speakers booming in 'cause the truck is also a phone and someone is calling!
    Driving isn't like woodworking where new tools are a thrill. Driving is taking your life in your hands, and others lives, and the equipment should be reliable and only changed for safety - like nuclear power plants! New without necessity is unsafe, for all concerned.
    I like your old man!


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