Saturday, March 15, 2008

Life on Mars?

Things have come to a pretty pass when concerned readers start to email to see if there's life still extant at Alf Towers. 'pologies, folks, various things in "real life" have coincided to make surplus, blog-posting time a non-existent commodity. I'm typing this with one hand whilst spooning breakfast cereal in at pace with the other while the going's good! So bad is it that I've yet to read a word of the Popular Woodworking that flopped onto the mat last week. I know; shockin'. Thank goodness I put a pic of Phil's plane on the blog or I'd have forgotten what it looked like...

Anyway, a quick update on The Patient for those interested. There was a bit of a cock-up with transport provision for the first run at getting this fancy tendon support (i.e. there wasn't any), but the subsequent attempt this Tuesday was okie-dokie and The Patient is all all set to go. Except (at last) she's had some advice as to how much weight she can put on the busted ankle, and basically it's "none". Seems there's an oblique fracture along the tibia as well as dislocation in the actual ankle area, so hence the plate and the long healing time (or something like that - I don't watch enough hospital dramas). Anyway, that means she's basically no more mobile than before, and as the fancy support is not to be worn when a) sitting or b) lying down, in essence she's not using it at all anyway. Sigh. There is, as you may imagine, a certain amount of doom and gloom all round. Heigh ho, time will presumably take on its familiar role of "great healer" and I'll be looking back at this in wonderment and saying "hey, I forgot about that".

Meanwhile I chain myself to the kitchen (within sight of the workshop, dammit), plug myself into the old iPod and try and forget about it now... ;-)


  1. It's frustrating that these things can't be hurried - you must all be feeling fed up. Please pass on my best wishes to your Mum.


    Paul Chapman

  2. Once we catch this addiction it seems that everything else just steals time and energy away from what we really want to be doing - but caring for loved ones DOES have to come first!

    Your mom's in great hands - yours - and shop time will be even sweeter when you get some.



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