Monday, March 30, 2009

What d'you mean "plot"? Number two

This is just a guess, and I may be wrong, but have you been neglecting your interest in 19thC rural poverty and the birth of the trade union movement? You have, haven't you? You may well hang your head in shame. I, however, have not. Well I have sort of, 'cos this particular film is long and largely miserable and my attention wanders, but some of the pretty pictures caught the attention of my butterfly mind. Amongst them, the carpenter's workshop. And being as how I'm nice like that, and also owing to a complete lack of my own endeavours to blog about, I thought I'd share:

Not sure, but is that a bookbinder's press in the tool well there? Interesting hammer head too.

The bow saw appears to be tensioned with thick rope, which is slightly bizarre. 

Anyway, have fun picking it over. I did.


  1. The scene is supposedly a chair makers'workshop but I couldn't spot any specialised tools e.g. inshave or hand adze. But is that a wooden brace in the tool well in the second picture?
    I suspect they just had a collection of Old Woodworking Things and hoped that would fool Jo and Josephine Public!


  2. The press is almost a binders' press, but not quite. Proportions are a bit wrong, size looks maybe a bit too small, and the holes through the screw heads (for a tommybar) are normally found on lying presses (which are usually big, over three feet long) but not on (usually much smaller) finishing presses. Don't have a better suggestion, though; maybe just a generic clamp? Unless they made prop tools for the movie; then they might have come up with something that looked like a lying press but was the wrong size.


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