Wednesday, April 01, 2009

These Foolish Things

A rebate plane that bears a shaving's traces, a firmer chisel from romantic places (Sheffield), these foolish things remind me of when I used to be a woodworker.

However, the fact is I'm just not a woodworker at the moment, and keeping the trappings of same is increasingly pointless. So I shall be gradually dismantling my woodworking life over this summer, including the Cornish Workshop website. It's due up for renewal in July, so here's an early heads-up for the blog reader - if you want to grab any of the information for your own personal use then you have until then. An announcement on the site itself will follow in due course.

If you want further details of the giant tool sale that'll also follow, go here.

ETA: Yes, it was an April Fool's - although so close to the truth as to be seriously considered more than once in recent weeks. On the whole Lee Valley's was much better, but then they have had more practice...


  1. This is an April Fool, right?

  2. Oops - always read the full article, and all links, before posting. D'oh.

  3. Geez -

    Don't do things like that!

    Cheers -


  4. It's nice to see you get an honourable mention on the new Veritas Variable Gang Saw page.

  5. Blimey, Alf, you had me worried for a minute ;-)


    Paul Chapman

  6. Boom Boom!!!
    Yes, you had me for a few moments.......;)

  7. Do Galoots on that side of the pond celebrate April Fool's Day?


  8. It was just a second - no, a nano-second - as my heart dropped a beat and I fought to be happy for you 'if that's what you want' - before I remembered the date and clicked in relief to see what type of jest you had linked. Still...sorry, not funny!

  9. Blimey Alf, that was scary!

    you should put a warning on the top now the silly day has passed.


  10. Lee Valley's is never as humorous because it never seems that far fetched.


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