Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Who's That Masked One-Time Woodworker?

An ear-scraping screech as the neglected door to the blog is forced open. Light floods in and dust rises to dance in the unaccustomed sunshine. A lone, unfamiliar figure peers round the door.

Hello? Anyone there? Tsk, look at the state of this place. Where's the "To do" list? One, oil hinges; two, get JCB to help move the dust.

Yes, I still aten't dead, despite appearances. Life and Other Surprises still leaves me in woodworking limbo. Bad enough, but I also have copious apologies to tender to all the people who've emailed over the past few months with queries and such, all of which I've singularly failed to answer. It's not laziness, honest. Well, not just laziness. My brain seems currently incapable of dealing with the technical sorts of things that folks tend to ask. So ten thousand apologies if you're one of the Ignored. It's really nothing personal and I should have at least responded in some form or another, you're right.

Anyway, what can I tell you? The woodworking thing is still there, lurking in what passes for my mind, but not actually managing to force its way to the forefront. Haven't read so much as a catalogue page in months so couldn't tell you the latest trends in woodworking to save my life. As such, I think you'll have to consider this blog on indefinite hiatus (if you haven't already).

Real Life moseys on, in case you were wondering. Alf Towers now rings to the cries of "No!" as our newest inmate, Lucy the kitten, tears the furniture to shreds, so we're kept on our toes. In fact, I think I'll leave you in her tender paws...


  1. Great to hear from you again :-) What a fabulous looking cat.

    Cheers ;-)

    Paul Chapman

  2. Alf,

    I am glad to hear that quote from Granny, remember never to accept a biscuit from a witch.

  3. Howdy Stranger! (I'm no stranger, well no stranger than you!!! Boom, Boom)

    I am glad that you are still with us to some extent.

    If that kitten doesn't get the brain back on the straight and narrow, I don't know what will!

    Keep in touch.



  4. Glad to see you're alive and well, despite the 'bout of life -- and hoping to hear more once life settles out.

  5. Glad to hear you're alright, Al!
    The tools will still be there when you're in the mood.
    Best regards

  6. Lovely kitten. Having been ill last year and off work for many months ... I know about the fog that comes down and makes the simplest things (flicking the kettle on ... just that, not actually making the cup of tea!) hard to motivate yourself to manage ... for what it's worth, the fog became a mist and is pretty much gone ... and our 2 cat/kittens were very helful in getting there ...



  7. Just lovely to hear from you.

    Michael in Corsham

  8. So glad to read your words again Alf.
    To paraphrase John Lennon "Life is what happens while you are making other plans..."
    Down here in Manuel Towers I know the feeling only too well.....
    You go girl...!!

    Tom from Oz

  9. Always enjoyed the site, Alf..a very different perspective. Kittens are good to have around at any time.

    come back sometime soon !

    Andy Brown

  10. Alf,
    It's a pleasure to have you back. Lucy the elf is a bonus.
    Bruce Mack

  11. Alf,

    Well, there you are.

    Sad thing about life, woodworking, blogging and more - it all goes on without us. Sometimes we get on and ride for a while - sometimes the merry-go-round comes loose and chases us across the fair grounds! Of course, friends worry, but hey...

    Somehow I think it all squares up in the end, until the bell rings, the music starts, and the darn thing starts spinning again...

    Anyway, good to know you are still there - and a hearty un-welcome not back!


  12. alf... great to hear rumblings and squeakings from the shop.

    that is quite a fine pussy... i recall discussing your 'milky-whites' with you earlier... hope pussy does not endanger the MWs!

    am sitting at home with smashed hand and knee... caught by wind on aran islands... so no wworking for moment... so all i can do is resort to reading... and drooling.

    with woodworking greetings from munich...

    conger at

  13. good to know that you are STILL ALIVE, please pop in for a cuppa when your up to it ;)
    HS back in A'dam but will be back in the UK soon :)


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