Monday, January 30, 2012


Did you know one Monday this January saw National Handwriting Day? Well in the States, anyway - something to do with John Hancock's birth or death or summat like that. It's a 'Murrican thing. Anyway, one of the steady trickle of advertising emails I get to this blog was promoting something or other to do with handwriting (clearly not very effectively, as it escaped me as to what it was) and told me this fascinating thing.

Of course the fact it was last Monday is neither here nor there. Tool chests have priority.

Anyway, it whittered on about how the art of writing was lost etc etc, write something by hand to celebrate and so forth. As I went through the final box of my Spring Cleaning this weekend, and laboriously listed the contents, I had feel that you should all rejoice most exceedingly that this blog comes to you in the form of the printed word:

Alternatively, perhaps you'd prefer an illegible scrawl and then you wouldn't have to actually read the content. Please, feel free not to express an opinion on that in the comments box... ;)


  1. The ability (or lack of) to write legibly is becoming a serious issue in my view. I have worked with at least two people who do all their written work on computers and have lost the ability to write with a pen. Quite incredible really......

    Cheers ;-)

    Paul Chapman

  2. I'm on the converse of this post, I have to read other people's scrawls all day long. It's why I keep a magnifying glass handy.

  3. Spring Cleaning?? What year? 2011?


  4. Jim - Um, yes, actually. That's when I started!

    Paul - That's exactly what I've found. No practice and I've lost the art. I also made the fatal error of learning copperplate in my teens, and my handwriting never fully recovered...

  5. Well, you wouldn't want to try and decipher *my* hand. Doctors sign scrips more legibly.

    Keyboards don't give me writers cramp. Nor do they need sharpening, or run out of ink. But they mark lousy cutlines.

    The Garage Woodshop

  6. C'mon, Alf, a regular bit of Copperplate practice will add a nice flair to a cursive hand, even without a flex nib! I'm a firm believer that if people would watch TV a bit less and keep a journal (especially with a fountain pen) instead, the art of handwriting could still flourish.

    Yes, that last WAS a pun.


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