Wednesday, April 17, 2013


At the beginning of the month I spoke of the router slash quirk beader slash not entirely certain yet woodie etc that I'd purchased, and promised pics. Being a woman of my word:

 Well so far, so unremarkable.

Underneath, it all gets a bit "Um". The fence is such as you might find on a coachbuilder's grooving router or some such, but otherwise it ticks the box for "homemade moulding router". Which appears to pretty much tick the box for "scratch stock", as far as I can tell. Unfortunately I'm not sure it ticks any box terribly successfully. I really need to sort out a better solution to the (overlong) wood screw holding the fence (because it's inevitably rusted all to heck) and then try it and hope my fears are not confirmed.

But even if it's a total lemon, I still kinda like it.


  1. Beech, curved fence, wedge, and bead profiled blade? Who cares what you call it - what's not to like? :)

  2. Al, would such 'scratch stock' be able to put a small bead (say) round an interior curve as you might find on an earlyish Barnsley piece? If so, I may have need of a similar cunning device...


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