Thursday, April 04, 2013

Stone The Crows

Tsk. Nobody fell for the anti-April Fool then, and my hints that maybe I was claiming a larger find than I actually had; you're a tough lot of fish to hook. Or I'm too subtle. Should have got the North Korean news agency to do the photoshoppery - they'd have made it less convincing. Anyway, because the rule really doesn't give a good feeling of the size, here 'tis next to a 8x2 Washita.

By a stroke of good fortune, whist finding out about this stone, I was also able to identify one I've had for years. I think it came from the patternmaker's hoard, but not absolutely sure; would have to check my (sketchy) records. Anyway, rather a nice mahogany box.

Within which is a soft-ish, fine-ish stone with the most amazing "grain". Or whatever it is that bits of rock have. Very distinctive.

It appears it's from Bonny Scotland and is a Dalmore Blue. Around 4000-5000 grit, which sounds about right. Alas, bit of a chip from one end, but still, a nice stone to use. I'd kind of forgotten about it, but maybe I should dig it out and put it to work again. Seem to be slipping into the world of water stones without realising it here...

While in stone mood, I also put a straight edge across my translucent Arkansas, just to see how badly it wasn't flat after regular use and no flattening for several years. Apparently I've been so keen not to dish it, it's actually infinitesimally convex. Ah, the advantages of the largely guide-free honing life.

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