Friday, October 25, 2013

A Week To Go

A week to go to what, I hear you not asking. November? Well, yes (and incidentally, how can that be?) But also a week to go until:

(Fountain Pen Day)
Fountain Pen Day!

Yes, it was news to me too. Apparently it's in response to "Ballpoint Pen Day" or something, and the widespread reaction amongst fountain pen users is largely of the inevitable "But surely every day is fountain pen day" variety.

Anyway, this year it's on
(Friday 1st November)
That's next Friday, to you. So you've a week to rummage around in your desk and find that old fountain pen you've been neglecting recently and join in. In a fit of insanity I have committed myself to writing a blog entry 
(in pen, like this)
Well, not exactly like that. I'll probably actually use one of my pens instead of swiping the Old Man's Waterman for the purpose... 

Oh, and I'm aware that not everyone can see the pics when they read this blog, so I'll type up every precious word as well. Truly, you didn't think you'd escape that easily, did you?

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