Monday, October 21, 2013

On the level

Okay, so I may be now suffering from a vast panoply of possible subjects to muse about and can't decide. So while I'm thinking about that, let us try a oh-so-subtle combination of tools and pens. Which are, in fairness, tools anyway. But then someone gets all excitable and launches something like this on the unsuspecting public. It's a pen! With tools!

Given it's a pen shop, inevitably the spec of the tool-ish aspects is a bit lacking. Accuracy of the spirit level? Well, it has a bubble. Size of the screwdriver bits? Tiny. That sort of thing. But still, a bit of fun. Although I just know I'd try rubbing out the pen mark as if the stylus bit was an eraser...

I also found something - or maybe I mean "Something?!" - for the frustrated pen maker without a lathe. I'll take their word for it that this is really a pen. I wonder what it's like to use? Apart from "Deadly uncomfortable".

Still, if you've got that hard-to-please giftee who likes working with their hands, it might be just the thing for christmas instead of socks.

Of course, it's just possible I'm addressing entirely the wrong audience with that thought, because I suspect many of us here are that relative...


  1. On one of those pages, there's this:

    For the persnickety layout persons among us.


    1. Well done, Mike; I knew there was another one, but blessed if I could find it. Failed to check the "other customers bought" bit didn't I? D'oh!

  2. What's wrong with socks? I like socks, it's Rudolf jumpers I don't like!

    1. Ooo, Rudolf jumpers - that's bad. Socks would be preferable in the face of Rudolf jumpers. I could make a good case for bath salts being preferable to Rudolf jumpers.


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