Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday Stinks #3

I would like to think I'm getting better at capturing the full majesty (or not) or some of these colours - but it seems not. The Ancient Copper has not fared well, which is a shame. Anyway, here we go.

I don't think the Umber will stay in the Serwex for long; it's proving to be a little too dry to keep up with the improved flex. Huh, just think, short months ago I'd be going "What the heck do you mean, dry ink?!"

I seem to be in my orange pen phase, here; shocking pink and orange is not a good combination. The orange behemoth, incidentally, was a car boot purchase. Yup, I'm already slipping. It's truly hideous and pretty badly designed, but the ink flows from it in just the right amount, and it's surprisingly smooth. Better than the Waterman, actually.


  1. I like Ancient Copper. I haven't used it for a while; I must get it back into a pen soon.
    Have you tried fiddling with the feed on your Serwex to improve the ink flow? One of the benefits of the Serwex pens is they have ebonite feeds and if you can broaden the top feed channel you can get more ink flow. You can do the same with plastic feeds of course; I just prefer the working qualities of ebonite.

    1. I haven't yet; thought I'd try the less drastic ink switch first. Cowardice may have some role to play in that decision... ;)


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