Sunday, August 07, 2005


CD storage all done and dusted. Thanks to the Alf-ettes for their support as I let it slide from the highs of hand chopped mortises to the lows of screws and plugs. :~D So now I really should be thinking of Christmas presents, which probably means boxes. 'Cept "Scrollsaw Woman" has issued a challenge which I'm moved to accept. Not least because I've challenged her to make a side table she's had on her "tuit" list if I dust off my scrollsaw, and she bought some maple for same yesterday. Yikes! My only hope now is that the saw is dead... Now who do I know that'd like a badly scrollsawn Spitfire?


  1. Scroll saw challenge?? Sounds like an American TV show, doesn't it??
    Boxes.........Been thinking about some kind of curved box myself. Xmas being closer than one thinks...
    Keep up the good work,
    P.s.-have popped something in the post for you this morning.....; )

  2. Curved? Ooo-err. I'll be happy if mine turn out square where they're meant to be! And I'm now on tenterhooks in anticipation, btw. Could it be the signed photograph at last...? :~)


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