Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Testing times

So last Bank Holiday before Crimbo then; winter approaches, dammit. I'd like to report 3 solid days of workshop toil, but alas, no joy. My back is still hors de combat for all practical purposes. I did manage to dig out most of the Oak I have skulling about, with a view to Christmas, by dint of moving one (small) piece at a time to the bench very gingerly, but the news is not good. I probably have enough cubic footage to do a brace of pairs, but because it's all short lengths I got free, gratis and for nothing there's insufficient lengths. So, Plan B. (You have a Plan B? I hear you gasp. I know, I surprise myself) I think there may be enough to do two oblong, more "trough-y" planters instead. Not quite as impressive as I'd hoped, but the gardening experts in the house claim they'd be more practical and useful anyway. Hmm... Of course it's all academic if me Cilla* keeps playing up.

So no workshop time then, so you expect I've been putting some work into the website instead eh? Er, nope. I've, erm, been aging at the rate of one annum per diem whilst watching the cricket instead. Hopefully enough fingernails will have grown back by the 8th to have something to chew on for the final test at The Oval - I can't believe that'll be anything but a tense finish either, unless it rains. I'm not a recent convert you understand, but a proper cricket fan who's watched right through all the dark days when England couldn't even win the toss, but even so I have a sneaking hope it'll rain solidly for those five days, even if they are the last cricket on proper telly we'll see maybe ever... To recover from the cricket I've been indulging in a bit of a DVD fest, including a profile of Sam Maloof courtesy of an Alf-ette. I admit I approached it without that much enthusiasm, but in the end I enjoyed it a good deal. It'd drive me mad making everything curvy like that (doesn't he ever long to make something with square edges and sharp corners?!) but it was fascinating to watch how he does it. The way he manipulates wood through the bandsaw is a safety nightmare, but he's damn good at it. Mind you, I was a mass of jealousy as he casually went through a pile of walnut picking out likely matching pieces. Sigh. Glad to have seen it though; not something I'd have ever thought about buying.

*Cilla Black - Back. But it's not a lorra, lorra laffs...

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