Thursday, January 19, 2006

The man with two watches

As the reasonably well-known quote goes:
A man with one watch knows what time it is; a man with two watches is never quite sure.

Change a few words, e.g. "watch" to "book on chair making" and you have the abyss I'm in real danger of falling into. So I'm thinking there's some 2" thick beech in the workshop, beech is an okay wood for chairs, prototypes are always a Good Thing, so why not just have a go? The worst thing that'll happen is really high class firewood and getting out the music stand plans. But it may even result in a useable stool of some sort. Okay for the workshop anyway...

It's a thought.


  1. Go for it M'Lady!
    Personally, I hate everything I make as I can always find so many things I would do differently. This is where the "Mock Up"tm comes into it! You can enjoy building the thing as you have the "get out of jail free" card that is "Mock Up"tm to use as an excuse. (And they normally come out pretty well, too)
    So get stuck in-your audience is waiting........(yes, both of us!)
    Philly ;)

  2. Alf - I agree with el-phillipo, just go for it, wood is like energy, it never disapears, just changes form. If the first attempt don't work out, then you have some off-cuts to use for something else :)

  3. Mike Wenzloff (MikeW)1/19/2006 07:02:00 pm

    Can't wait...full pics in progress and all.

    Hate to tell you how many prototypes we've used for firewood over the years. And I don't regret any of it. It has always caught mistakes that would have been made, or simply made the "real" ones less stressful.

    Take care...Mike

  4. Good Surname or What1/20/2006 11:57:00 am


    Alternatively, you could choose the route I'm on and get tuition! I start a one week course with James Mursell on Monday 30th.
    Can't wait!


  5. I have one or two "mock ups" that ended up as finished articles.

    Go for it and stop looking for excuses - the suspense is killing me.


  6. Go for it Alf, I'm dying to see this chair whether prototype or the real thing



  7. Oh deary me, and I was so hoping one of you could be induced to be the voice of reason and tell me to forget it...


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