Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Back to the drawing board

Well folks, don't hold your breath. Today I paid a once in a blue moon visit to the local House of Horrors - aka B&Q - and I did not furnish myself with sundries suitable for making tambour doors. Plus The Powers That Be are more or less forbidding me to do it on the basis that they can't take the stress. They can't? Waddabout me?! So it's all on hold until I can make a final decision (yeah, right) except I'll need the carcass whatever I do, so I'll finish up cleaning and jointing the chapel boards.

Meantime it dawned on me that I never revealed what the Christmas pressies were that I was working on. Well the last recipient has had their's (sorry if you were crossing your fingers and just hoping yours was delayed in the post) so I can safely blog the result. Although actually I told all elsewhere well before Christmas, so this won't be new to some.

Cunning use of offcuts not big enough for chisel handles, eh...?


  1. What sundries do you need then?

    I'm sure a quick thread on a Buying Advice forum somewhere would get this sorted?


  2. Oh very basic stuff - MDF to make a template and jig for assembling the tambour slats. I don't have a scrap in the workshop, I'm proud to say... Easily purchasable from the Orange Hell Hole though - but, well, I didn't. viz: My heart really ain't in it I don't think.

  3. "My heart really ain't in it I don't think."

    Well, then you ought to put all our selfish prompting aside, do something else for the saw till project. Save the tambours for another project. Nothing worse than not being excited about a major project--and adding tambours elevated a saw till into a major project!

    And besides. You will outgrow even this till. Perhaps tambours could be revisted then?

    The pens are a great project and I'm sure were well received.

    Take care, Mike

  4. The pens were indeed much appreciated, or at least mine was- it saved my skin in one of my exams when my other pen exploded.

    Hope all's well,


  5. Nice pens Alf, but stop changing the subject. ;-) Now you have such a wonderful saw how can you contemplate not making it a wonderful home? As a compromise how about a tamboured box just for the saw-of-all-saws alone?

    I'm just jealous at the opportunity. Unless a customer wants one, I don't have the time to make one - and I do want to make one. Guess I'll just have to wait for the right job to come along.


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