Monday, January 15, 2007


Right, where was I? Oh yeah... Bit of cleaning up and jointing later...

... and some, at least, of the boards are glued or gluing up to make the carcass.

The bottom board's just a spacer, btw. Well it's now obvious I don't have enough wood to make the carcass deep enough for tambours. Phew... Er, I mean, erm "Bother". Yeah, that's right. Bother. It's also going to look like the worst sort of "pine board" - all knots and nail holes. Heigh ho. If it keeps the saws in good nick, everything else is just icing.


  1. Hey--looks like progress!

    I think the tone of that old wood is going to look wonderful with finish on it.

    Take care, Mike
    who's wondering...tambour or no?

  2. In my wife's family (Scotish) there is a saying "What's for you won't pass you by." If you were meant to make tambour doors, the fixin's for tambour doors would have been available.

    Almost Zen eh?

    Rick in Canada

    (we exchanged e-mails last week about a Russian 043)

  3. Not seen that type of sash cramp before, Alf. How do they compare with your normal cramp heads? That wood looks nice :)


    Paul Chapman

  4. Still using those "poor man's cramps" ?


  5. Oop's poor man's Plano


  6. If you don't like the knots and nails, this might be the time to think about an opaque finish: Milk Paint?


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