Monday, January 08, 2007

Show-Off Gland

Ooo, I hate you lot. Think of the bragging rights, Alf. You know you want to, Alf. Talk about attacking someone's vulnerable spot - the Show-Off Gland. Of course your confidence in me is hopelessly mis-placed, but alas I'm only human and flattery will, unfortunately, get me in deep trouble. So I spent Sunday struggling to relearn all that I'd forgotten about using Sketch-Up with the help of Dave R's excellent tutorial. For the terminally curious, the skp file is here. For the rest of you, a couple of shots, first from the front:

... and then from the back, with the back removed. The saw's a close-ish approximation to a 28" rip btw.

It wasn't 'til I'd done the pics that I realised the top groove was too close to the top of the carcass, so that's been altered in the model. As you can see it's hardly gone into great detail, but at least I think the largest saw I have should be able to fit. It's all based very heavily on Tage Frid's design in Book 3 of TF Teaches Woodworking, so while the cleat provides a good fixing point at the bottom I'm still rather up in the air about what to do at the top. The internal fitting out's obviously not sorted properly either, but maybe it'll be easier once the thing's there in the flesh anyway? Just hope there might be room for a drawer or two at the bottom for files, sets etc. Anyway, as it stands, if anyone sees anything I should change, YELL!

There also seems to be some idea that I could do this without the aid of the tailed demon. Yeah, sure I could. Is doing this at all not masochistic enough for youse guys?! Sheesh, it's going to take me long enough as it is - instead I could be knocking something up in ply using biscuits in, oooo easily under a month. Okay, maybe two.

Mind you, after all this, it dawns on me I'm going to have one heck of a time finding room on the wall to hang the blessed thing, whichever way I make it...


  1. If you use biscuits, shouldn't you be able to knock it out in a day ;P

    I'm voting for hand tools, but if I were you I would ingnore me and invoke the router demon.

  2. I think it's going to be a fun, slightly challenging project. Easy for me to say, huh? But I have a couple ideas to try for the tambour groove. If I actually get to it before you do--and if one of them is successful--I'll let you know.

    I would plan on the room for the drawers if'n you are going to have them. That or add on a separate set of drawers at the bottom. Attached with sliding dovetail keys, natch [g].

    Take care, Mike

  3. How are you going to keep the saws upright and separate? How about a kerfed board attached to the back?


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