Monday, October 22, 2007

Feet up

Not letting things slide, honest guv, but today is not a good day for musing - entertaining energetic little girls of two and four makes this a good day for a couple of asprin, ice-pack on the furrowed brow and feet up in front of the telly. Possibly this is a Good Thing as I find myself considering another rant about the tendency to over-complicate woodworking and I'll only get myself in trouble...


  1. Oh go on!
    You can join me in the naughty camp. :)
    Mike R

  2. Alf

    As the father of a 2 yo and a 4 yo, I sympathise with you.

    But it also explains why my productivity is so much less than yours (and many others) - after spending the day in the salt mines, I come home to help my Good Lady Wife with baths and bedtime stories. Then GLW and I try to tidy the house up enough for us to think that it might only have 27 layers of detrisis in it and then (at about 21.00), I can either pass out from exhaustion or go to the shed. But the small people are great fun, it's just that they do get in the way of doing things that you would otherwise want to do.

  3. Mike, are you trying to lead me astray and onto the Naughty Step?! ;-)

    Jeremy, I would sympathise with you, but as a parent it's quite obviously All Your Fault. I'm just one of those quickly invented "Aunts" who was simply unfortunate enough to go to school with their mother (and yes, that does make me feel old, thank you for asking...) But they were entertaining - and handing them back was best of all :-)


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