Friday, October 26, 2007

Holy petrified pupae, Batman!

This week the Old Tools List brings news that the late Jim Kingshott's videos on things hand tool are going to put in an appearance in DVD format. Huzzah! My only worry is whether, like the video format, they'll be readily available in North America but virtualy unknown here in Mr Kingshott's native Blighty. So if any enterprising UK retailer happens to read this... Thanks to Phil over at Philsville I have seen the Bench Planes one, but like any good addict, one simply is never enough! :-)

Meanwhile a little woodworking crept up on me all unawares. Well sort of woodworking. After a noticeable time to further mature, finally some of the pre-used wood I acquired, erm, a while ago is now cleaned up and in useable state. This happy situation may be accounted for astrologically by Jupiter having been in suitable conjunction with the Small Boring Group of Stars. But really it's more like old bandsaw blade and already knackered planer knives being in conjunction in their respective machines, with added plane testing wood requirements to give me the final shove... Barely made any noticeable inroads in the stack though, so more petrified insect pupae and perished rubber sealant awaits me in the fulness of time. Joy.


  1. Like you, Alf, I've seen Jim Kingshott's bench plane video and thought it was excellent. I'd also like to see the others he made, so I hope the DVD's will be available over here. I really liked Jim's style of presentation.


    Paul Chapman

  2. Good news on the Kingshott DVD's!! I'll keep my eye on them :)

  3. Thanks for the info on Jim Kingshott's videos. I ordered all four of them. You will have to drop back by LumberJocks and say hi.


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