Thursday, February 07, 2008


Downloading a selection of Radio 4 podcasts to keep the hospitalised-one amused, I ran across one with a discussion on Craftwork and Skill which readers may find interesting. I particularly liked Grayson Perry's idea of having "Creativity is mistakes" carved into the concrete of his workshop. Could be comforting to see when it's just "one of those days"... Unfortunately I fear it may be unavailable outside the BBC's area of coverage; many apologies overseas readers.

As for the hospitalised-one - the waiting is starting to get her down. We have everything crossed that the swollen ankle will be operable tomorrow. Many thanks for all the good wishes; they've been much appreciated. :-)  


  1. The Thinking Aloud podcast is available through iTunes Music Store in Australia.

  2. Please add my best wishes to everyone else's



  3. Thank you Alf, just looked in on you on my way up the wooden hill and I shall now take that podcast with me. Here's hoping that I'm not the only one banging on about the Craftsmanship of Risk. Hmm there's an unfinished blog round these parts on that topic. Here's hoping for good company on my way.

    Cheers Mike R

  4. Ishmael, that's good news - an outside chance it's available to anyone interested then. Thank you.

    Cheers, Jeremy :)

  5. It's "Thinking Allowed" and you can find it here (probably!)
    Most interesting thing I've heard for ages. In fact I've ordered the book. G Perry's pots are worth a look - try google images satchi & satchi etc.


  6. Or use the link thoughtfully provided in the blog... ;-)

    Be interested to hear what you think of the book, Jacob. Must admit I dallied with ordering it myself.

  7. I very much appreciate this link, Alice. The BBC even allowed this colonist to download it so that I digest it more completely.

    Tell your mother that we are praying for her surgery and recovery.


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