Thursday, February 28, 2008

Oh! You pretty things

Hmm, perhaps the term "pretty" would just make engineering types wince, but they are nice. Form and function in a rather nice blend.

In my continuing, long-term war of galootish gift exchange, I've been soundly trumped here. A totally independent exchange of rust twixt myself and BugBear has been going on for, ooo, quite a few years now. I persistently lag behind, and with a box of goodies like this turning up, you can probably see why. Not least 'cos he's a helluva lot more painstaking in his tool cleaning than what I am. At a glance I can spot a "BugBear" item over any of my own by the amazing combination of patina and gleam. I tells ya, it's a good trick!

So after only a brief play, I think this surface gauge is put together correctly. A frightfully spiffy Eclipse universal model, and heavy as a heavy thing.

I've been on the lookout for a gauge such as this (well probably not so smart and rather rustier, if I'm honest) so this a excellent. That vertical knob acts as a fine adjuster; very clever and very fine adjustment possible. Apparently the scriber is a custom made replacement - all I can say is I managed to jab it in my hand and it seems to exhibit the usual degree of Buggish sharpness.

Now hand vices are always handy items (see?) and yet the only one I had before is, frankly, a bit knackered. Now how did the all-seeing Bear know that?

And finally, a most spiffy Moore & Wright #416 Adjustable Try Square of just the sort of size I consistently fall for. Now BB reckons this is a bit recent for his tastes, but speaking for myself it's the rust-free quality that suits my tastes! I can see this one getting some hefty use.

It may also force my hand a little - the number of tools that should be homed in the M&W engineer's chest (acting as suitable backdrop in the first pic) is reaching the point where the less deserving, non engineering stuff is going to get turfed out to make room. At what point does that mean I've slipped irrevocably over the precipice of the Engineering Slope I wonder...? Heigh ho, it's a lovely way to go, innit? :-)

Thanks, BB!


  1. Okay I'll bite... I can see that an Eclipse surface gauge is a fine thing and desirable in its own right, but what would a worker in wood do with such a thing? Apart from stabbing oneself in the hand, obviously :)

  2. They look lovely, Alf. Very useful items indeed.


    Paul Chapman

  3. "Pretty" is right up there with "shiny" as engineering goes :)


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