Tuesday, February 26, 2008


So after 2-and-a-bit years of daily use, my beloved metal mug has bitten the dust. Or rather the handle has. I am bereft. Is it just coincidence that it's coincided with an increase of coffee drinking over tea? Is it, in fact, the strength of the old man's coffee wot done her in? 

Oh well, onto a less toolish mug sporting cover pictures from Arthur Ransome's "Pigeon Post" I s'pose. And I really thought I'd at last got a mug I couldn't break. Ach.


  1. cant stay away from ukw can you 'joe'(l)!

  2. "Anon", I don't know who "joe(l)" is, except he or she isn't me. You'll find me at WoodworkUK, not ukw.

  3. Alf,
    There you go then. These modern materials ain't a patch on the old earthenware mugs...cheap as chips, a variety of styles, as artsy or not as you like...I wonder if there is a "galoot" web site for users of older style mugs.


  4. Alf,

    The advantage of a metal mug is that it can be repaired. Surely someone you know has a gas torch set or wire welder and could braze or zap it back together. Not worth the money if you would have to pay a welding shop to do it, but the 5 minute job a friend would do as a favor.


  5. Alan, having seen the ecstasies the Old Tool list has got into over pencil sharpeners in recent days, I'd say that's a distinct possibility!

    Tom, hey, that's a good point. Not sure I have the right friend, although odds on there are many likely suspects within throwing distance. Times like this the lack of a local pub is a serious handicap...

  6. Alf

    It's a pity that you aren't closer - the latest skill I have been trying to acquire is stick welding. The postage to and from Oz might make taking it to the local motor mechanic a more viable alternative!!

    Best of luck


  7. Alf,

    I would offer to weld that mug back together for you as I am a professional welder in addition to a worker of wood and such,but...(and as Philly might say, "There is always a but") I am on the other side of the pond and the post for such an item would be horrendously expensive, heck you could probably buy a dozen or so new mugs :(. You might got to the hardware store*cringe* and pick up some "J.B. Weld" that should fix it most likely wont even cost you more than a 2p or so. ('bout 5 buck US)
    Hope that helps your sorrows.

    In an aside how's the patient...that ankle getting any better? Hope that all is well.

    Also your chisel itch must have been catching b/c I just dropped $130 US on a new set of Two Cherries Bench Chisels (6-26mm) they're great and I love new tools




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