Friday, September 05, 2008


So that was a neat dovetailing then; two grovelers for two catalogues. I fear the break from blogging has, as expected, knocked reader numbers back a bit. Heigh ho. Either that or you all fear the credit crunch and the subsequent bankruptcy such a catalogue could induce.

Now if only I could find the bit of paper that has the subjects for next week's blogging written upon it, I could give you a "Next time on Musings..." preview. But I can't, so, erm, I can't. Hopefully I'll find it by next week though. Have a good weekend one and all, I'm off to tidy this desk...


  1. Great to be able to read along with you again Alf.

    I didn't grovel for a cat' mainly because I held one of Konrad's planes at Westonbirt - all funds now diverted to savings account!


  2. Sorry, Alf, been too busy drooling over me own copy. But then, living in the States makes it a bit more common.


  3. sorry alf, i was grovelling elsewhere when you posted that.

    mind, i pick up the new catalogues from the store that's not too far away from work when the mood hits me......


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