Monday, September 01, 2008

September in the Rain

Hey, that makes a change from August in the rain anyway.

So September already. How the devil did that happen? No matter; I have a couple of woodwork-y things concealed up my sleeves. Can you see 'em? No? Just past the rabbit and the fifteen feet of silk scarves...

But first, the part-loved, part-hated UPS man came a-calling today, and left - amongst other
 things - three copies of the new Lee Valley catalogue. Oooo, I hear you cry. Oooo, indeed. So, being as how nature has provided me with only one pair of eyes, that leaves two copies up for grabs. Same routine as before - indeed I intend to copy 'n' paste the required text:

For a copy of the Lee Valley & Veritas 2008/9 catalogue to your (UK mainland-situated) door, free, gratis and for nothing, get your entry into my inbox (email address on the website) with "Drool" in the subject line and plenty of grovelling in the body of the text ;) and I'll draw two lucky recipients from the hat. Entries close at midnight on Thursday.

If drooling and groveling don't appeal, complete this limerick instead:

There was a young man from Lee Valley...


  1. Good to see you blogging again, Alf.

    Cheers ;-)

    Paul Chapman

  2. There was a young man from Lee Valley,

    Who, like Alf, was a bit of a tease,

    But he produced a lovely catalogue,

    So can I have one, please.

    Cheers ;-)

    Paul Chapman

  3. Heh. Very good, Paul. ;-)

  4. Alf, TGYB!

    Do you always go into summer retreat? You have been missed, many days and weeks have gone lopsided without your much missed wit! Here's hoping you'll stay and play - and perhaps repair your link to the Stanley no 50GB manual one of these days?

    Seriously, the heck with the link, blog on, goddess of groove, weaver in wood, mystery blue bolt and all!


  5. I say, steady on, Vinny.

    As it happens the links to that manual should now be okay - I hadn't noticed it until this very week. The ESP musta kicked in again. Although really it could do with a better example; iirc I have a copy of my own again, so onto the to-do list it goes.

  6. The tool pusher...9/05/2008 09:24:00 pm

    There was a young man from Lee Valley
    Who peddled wood tools in the alley
    On weekends all day
    And holidays in May
    And on Monday he’d tote up the tally


  7. There was a young man from Lee Valley
    Who was, it is said, quite vali (ant)
    For those with strange hands
    Some new totes he made plans
    & staved off the need for some vali (um)

    ps also sent an email


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